Essence Cheats Blades of Brim iPhone

Sybo has come along with Blades of Brim to the apple store
Blades of Brim can be said as an action-RPG or endless runner hybrid with platforming elements, where you will deal with a bunch of enemies to kill and a bunch of weapons to collect.

blades of brim walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you must finish out the entire tutorial first, then you can continue to ply in each area where you will be able to collect a whole bunch of new weapons by either purchasing chests or by finding chests in the middle of each stage.

Once finding weapons, you can equip them that will help you increase a score bonus.
Moreover, they will give you a coin bonus for each enemy killed as well.
So, if you have rarer weapon, you will earn better coin bonus.
Except coins, you will also have to earn more essence that you can use to get the rarest weapons.

With essence, you can also get armor, pets and boosts.
in line with this, if you build a full collection of armor, you can equip it
But, you cannot equip one piece at a time.
Similar to weapons, the armor will then provide you a score boost.

Also, having pets will allow you to ride them for different bonuses, such as shooting at enemies or unlocking the ability that will double jump for a time.

On the other side, with pets, you will get an easy exploration
But, if you do not have one, you can use your jumping abilities, which allow you to jump next to a wall
In the mean time, you can also swipe toward the wall to jump farther up the wall, while attacking enemies next to said wall to propel you even higher, and repeat that action while collecting coins.
Sometimes, you are able to find new pathways if you can jump up that high successfully.

In addition, you will also deal with the bosses for each specific area
When dealing with bosses, you must firstly learn their pattern of attack, so that you will know the weak spot to avoid their attack and attack them at the right time.

Always, keep an eye on their wind-up, as you will know when to avoid each attack form them.
At the same time, you will then swipe toward the enemy, or slide or swipe back and forth to attack the boss.
After beating tough bosses, you will usually get big rewards in form of coins and essence
Plus, every time you can complete each stage successfully, you will get big bonus as well


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