Energy Crystals Cheats in Fortress Fury iPhone

Fortress Fury from Xreal can be categorized into a new physics-based strategy wall smashing game for mobile platforms, where you will be assigned to build up a strong fortress with some available materials

fortress fury walkthrough ios android

Some materials will be loaded up with cannons and other weapons to defend your fortress
In the mean time, you will also have to try to defend it against players who want to destroy it, while using your cannons to destroy their’s.

The main point in this game, is to destroy your enemy’s core before they destroy your gemstone.
The core will be hidden inside of a block that will be disguised as any other block in your fortress.

In line with this, you must hide it as far back as you can in disguise it, so that the other players will be difficult to time finding and destroying it.
Sometimes, you will need to place shield pieces around it to defend it.

When battling with enemies, you will only be able to aim your cannons in one direction
But, you can also choose how hard they fire so that you will always get an accurate hit.
Also, try to destroy their cannons, so that they will not be able to hit you as often or as hard.
Also, you can simply work on firing accurately so that you hit somewhere on your opponents fortress.

To get the best materials to build up your fortress, you must use more wood, Max out the amount of stone, copper, lead, and other good ones and your fortress.

In this game, there are many different kinds of resources that you can earn in battle.
And, there is no energy metric in this game, so fight as many battles as possible to get more of them.
Once getting more resources you can use them to improve your fortress, so that you can win even more battles as you go on.

Also learn more resources, while using a crafting to get more of the good ones.
You can also load up your fortress with the good ones to make it harder to them destroy your fortress.

Doing a crafting will also give you stronger weapons, so you must use crafting hours to get weapons such as the Dragon’s fire rather than simply sticking to your usual catapults.

Here, weapons cost a whole lot more points than defense of pieces do though
For such reasons, when it comes down to choosing between stronger weapons and stronger defense pieces, you can select from the stronger building materials.
At this point, your attack power will not increase much compared to the alternative, but your defense will increase a lot.

In addition, if you can win more battles in this game, you will be granted with energy crystals
Thus, just look for the best resources to make a good defense for your fortress


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