Energy Coins Cheat in Fairy Tale Wonderland iPhone

TeamLava along with its newest game, Fairy Tale Wonderland, a blend between city building, farming and exploration where you will be brought to to explore and build areas in this magical land.

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Along the game, you will have your journey to find Prince Charming’s princess, rescue Sleeping Beauty from within the Thorny Castle and Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf, then you will continue to solve Merlin’s mysterious disappearance
At this point, to help you along your adventure in a fairy tale world, you must craft unexpected items that you can also use to build extraordinary structures for your town
Besides, you will also have to uncover secrets hidden behind thorns

Early on this game, you will start knocking down trees, rocks and the like to find resources and get experience, coins and other goodies.
To start your first adventure, you can tap something as many times as you want to
Anyway, you may sometimes sit and watch your character complete all of the actions in a row.

And, if you tap something in multiple times, you should minimize the game then bring it back up as this will skip the animation so that all actions will simply finish quickly.
Doing that action is pretty good as you will gain an experience level
Moreover, you will also get a full free refill of energy, and one extra max energy to boot.
You will be provided with fifteen maximum energy, which is hardly enough to get anything done
Then, you will gain one maximum energy every time you gain an experience level, so that you will make some fast progresses through the game.

In this game, you will do some activities that require few times to complete fully
For such reasons, if you want to get something you do such as building construction in faster progress, you can do the time lapse trick as in the following lines

Here, just go to your date and time settings and set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by an hour or so.
Afterwards, you can then go back to the game and you will get everything ready for you to move on.
Also, if you want to get your energy regenerated fully and quickly, you can apply this trick as well

When applying this trick, the server may attempt to right itself.
When it happens, you have to shut the game off then you can open it again whereabouts thirty seconds to one minute later.
If you can do this well, the server will quit trying to right itself, in which the changes that you tried to put in place with the time cheat will still be working there.

In addition, make sure to scroll outward a bit so that you can see what the next thing that you can unlock.
In line with this, the boundaries will increase as you unlock more and more space in this game
Thus, just explore outward as far as you can


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