Easy Way to Earn Gems in My Cafe Recipes & Stories iPhone

My Café: Recipes and Stories from Melsoft will teach how to be café-manager that you can realize in the ios and android devices

my cafe recipes and stories walkthrough ios android

In this game, every customer will interact first, and you talk to them where you will know and learn their likes and dislikes related to what they order
If you can learn well, you will come up with new recipes served to them for their satisfaction.

Every time, you talk to them when they enter the store, make sure to go through the conversation tabs to learn one of their likes.
Usually, they will come into the store and order what they like

In the mean time, make sure to watch the final speech bubble above their head when they are about to order something

The main point here is to have much conversation to your customers to learn what they want
If everything goes well, they will give you a new request, which will lead you to make more money in form of gems coins, the main currencies of this game

Gems are the premium currency of this game that may be hard to get except purchasing them from iaps
And, gold coins are the currency that are ease to get

In order to get coins, you can do this offline to earn them automatically
Once logging in back, you will notice a profit report, such as a lost profit report telling you why you lost the profit
Sometimes, it is caused by you do not have the right equipment to make a particular beverage, which will make you to buy to fix it.

On the other side, you will need to make more room to expand your place
In line with this, bar counters and bar stools are need to make room for your customers
To make it beautiful, you can purchase and add decorations
Adding the decorations will add the prestige of your café

Moreover, it will increase your character’s experience points to levels up, so that you can upgrade a new skill for them, such as speed, free gifts or higher prices.

In the mean time, make sure to check your prices to make sure that they are at the right level.
If it is in bold green, it means perfect.
But, if it is in light green, you are assigned to raise it for more
If you see it is in yellow or red one, it will be a bit high or higher for some customers to purchase your product.

In addition, gems and coins are a kind of money to make your business grow larger
Generally, to get those currencies, all you will do is to complete a quest such as completing tasks or serving the right order to your customers in the exact time
Always make them happy to level up fast and make more money from you are doing in the game


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