Earn More Rewards and Gems in Auto Battle iPhone

E-wan Network will take you to taste its freshly launched game, Epic RPG where you can pick one of three classes namely Warrior, Hunter and Mage then you will go to battle with enemies

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This game is Non-Stop war game with a never-ending farming adventure which lets you gain Experience, Coin and Equipment automatically then unleash your wild blood and fulfill your final fantasy while taking part in a guild to be the best Auto Battle player in this game.

On the other words, this game is the oddball experimental zero-player RPG specifically designed for mobile platforms where you will take a role as a character that is always battling on their own, while managing the winnings and your character’s stats.

Whether you are offline or online, your character will keep fighting enemies to gain experience and some items for you.
After 24 consecutive hours of being offline, you will not be fighting anymore.
In line with this, just check back to the game daily to make sure that the fighting continues, so that your character’s stats can keep increasing and earn new items to equip.
Once getting those items, you can smelt your common gear for better items, along with powerful artifacts

At the beginning of the game, you will have an access to select among traditional classes, either male or female heroes
You can also pick a hero based on the strength and fearsome fighter, nimble and accurate hunter, or gorgeous mage using magnificent spells that can beat the enemies at once, then you can combine your own skill set before going to battle with enemies.

After having tough fighter and skills set, you can now test your skill by beating other players in the Arena.
At this spot, you will have to beat higher-ranked players to switch place with them so that you will be collecting distributed gems periodically.
Later on, you will fight your way onto top 20 for the immortal leaderboard
Thus, try to defend your championship as long as you can for better rewards.

Once going through tough battle in the arena, you can now participate in a boss challenge in order to move onto a new map
When dealing with boss, make sure you have good equipment before going for it.
To get this, just go to the settings and auto-sell all of the common equipment.
Then, add higher rarities to the auto sell list as you fill your bag, up until the point that you can auto sell everything in which the purple is the rarest equipment.

Winning in the battle will earn you coins and gems that you can use at the mall.
In this place, you can purchase everything that is applicable to your character.
Purchasing weapons and armor will be usually far more powerful than what you find in the battles, so you must make use of everything that you can in order to get as far as you can in your quest.

Besides, you must also purchase the artifact pieces because you can combine them together into one whole artifact.
Getting involved in the arena will be great way to earn some rewards such as coins and gems

In line with this, go to the arena, that can be unlocked at a power level of 1,500, then search for people who are at a lower power level than you, and fight them.
Winning in this arena will give you better rewards than normal battles and they are delivered at 9 PM server time daily.
As you level up, you can unlock more goodies as well.


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