Earn More Gems Coins for VIP in Rise of Heroes iPhone

Rise of Heroes developed by Pine Entertainment can categorized into a new mobile RPG which seems to be specially designed for the iOS platform recently.

rise of heroes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to build up a party consisting of 10 heroes at a time
Then, you can send them to fight against large groups of enemies, and power up your party in order to beat increasingly difficult villains in later stages

The main key to play this game is to upgrade your heroes by leveling them up through the battles
Besides, you can also use your coins to level them up

In line with this, your hero’s maximum level will be based upon on how many coins you spend on them.
Also, with all coins or gems you have collected from the battles, you will get a chance to collect rare heroes with higher star ratings which will be more expensive to level up than the common ones

Every time, you have heroes level with multiple of 10 level, they can evolve with a specific set of wings and a big coin expenditure
As an illustration, evolving one of your two-star heroes to raise 10 level will require 10,000 coins.
By leveling up your heroes, their stat will increase in automatic

Each time, you gain an experience level you will get a big coin bonus
For such reasons, if you need to farm more coins to level up your party, all you will have to do is to level up your overall level
To do this, you can replay the old stages and play them again to get level them up.

As usual, gems can be said as the premium currency of this game which you can collect with any other way
Completing stages will allow you to get this gems for free

On the other side, the melee heroes of your party can deliver the most damage to large groups of enemies
It is caused by, the battle style will involve the enemies’ melee attackers literally to run through each other.
So, make sure to level up your healers first, then your melee attackers, then your range attackers to make a good composition in the battle.

When you are about to go to the battlefield, always consider to bring some potions which will really determine between winning and losing in that battle
In accordance with these potions, just use them when a character is about to die, so that you can make a good change to come back to win the battle at ease.


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