Earn More Diamonds in Math Magus Android

Lucky Star Game has packed fresh game bundled in Math Magus in which this game comes along with a variety of items to help you throughout the game to reach the highest score

math magus walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will raise your very own and unique girl who one day will be the greatest Math Magus in the world

Here, all you will do is to answer correctly to score some points
But, if you answer incorrectly, you will be given a time penalty.
Then, when the time reaches 0, the game will be over.

Once getting progresses through the game, you will gain some levels
Then, if you have high level, you will get more score bonuses.

As usual, this game will also features gold and diamonds that you will have to gather up along the game
Everytime you play in a level, you will be able to collect gold
Once getting your gold, you can use them on entry fee and in-game items.

Except gold, you must also collect diamonds that you can get from achievements and store.
With these diamonds, you can use them in exchange for Gold or on Magus.

On the other side, heart also has important role to move on the next stage
With this heart, you can play a match in any mode.

Also, you can obtain free stuffs in this game by logging in daily anytime.
For such reasons, all you will do is to apply time lapse trick

First, close Math Magus game by either restarting your phone or shutting it off from the task manager.
Then, change the time in advance for 1 day or above.
Next, open Math Magus and get your daily rewards there.

After getting your rewards, make sure to set back the time and date again on your phone
Now, open Math Magus but do not play a single game.
Close the game again by either restarting your phone
Now, you can go to time settings and change the time and date to the current time and date based on your region.


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