Earn More Bells Pts in Midnight Cinderella Ikemen Royal Romances iPhone

Cybird has brought Midnight Cinderella: Ikémen Royal Romances on mobile platforms in which this game is a love simulation or otome game coming along with memorable characters where you will play as Princess

midnight cinderella ikemen royal romances walkthrough ios android

In introduction of this game, you will be given with 5 Chapter Tickets to move on the story where you will experience a fairytale world of horse-drawn carriages, elegant gowns, and tiaras.

In line with this, each chapter of the story can be read in exchange for a single chapter ticket then you can use all your tickets in your Wysterian wayfaring.
You can only hold a maximum of 5 chapter ticket at a time.

Later on, you will have your own journey to reach a certain point along with an identical number of parts for either route, showing you distinctly different sides of your companion.

And, you will choose your own path as the princess, then go to three possible conclusions—comprised of the standard story routes of Sugar and Honey, plus the super special Secret ending that you can unlock by fulfilling hidden criteria.

Here, you will also deal with the challenges known as Royal Challenges that will reward you with splendid prizes.

In that challenges, you will focus on attire that will get you to procure specific attire from the boutique, of either normal or premium variety.

When playing this game, stamina is the energy that is really needed to take lessons
Anyway, depleting it will bring your studies to a temporary stuck there.
And, you will get your stamina back at a rate of 1 point every 3 minutes.

Stamina has a maximum threshold of 100, with each lesson consuming 20 points.
When you take a lesson, you will need 20 stamina points which is out a maximum of 100 stamina points.

During in your attempt to take a lesson, you will see that every accessory and article of clothing has a unique “beauty” statistic, each counting towards your overarching total beauty.
If you see this, it is a parameter weighed when taking princess lessons.

Besides, this game will also assign you to collect Money in form of bells
According to this, you can earn money that can be later on added to your balance of bells
With these bells, you can sue them to purchase attire and other items for assisting romantic endeavors.

In order to earn these Bells, you can simply greet friends, collect daily login bonuses and take Princess Lessons.
To greet your friends, just jump to the “Friends” page to see a list of the princesses you have forged friendships with.
When being there, you can send a greeting or warm letter for your friends to earn bells.

The main point of this game is to collect all pieces that form a debonair shot of your suitor.
You can pick various types of pieces at random, with certain rarities awarding you a special prize.
You can play this game for free daily but if you want to play more you have to part with 200 garden gacha points per additional play.
You can then unlock New Garden Gachas with story progress.
In related to normal pieces, you will get three “prize pieces” included in each separate garden gacha sheet.

On the other side, puzzle pieces will be one of four possible tiers namely normal, uncommon, rare, and super rare.
According to this, pieces of the last three tiers will collectively be termed prize pieces, as drawing them from the pile will result in exclusive rewards, such as suitor figures and other garden knickknacks, and bonus side stories narrated from your sweetheart’s perspective.

If you can land a rare puzzle piece or take part in periodic events, you will have a chance of getting a love letter from your special prince.
From time to time, letters may also come along with a gift.
However, some gifts for unread letters cannot be claimed, so you have to stay up to date with your correspondence.

Participating in The Fashion Grab Bag event will allow you to be fashionistas where you can access exclusive attire.
When taking part in this event, you have to collect bag tokens from the item shop.


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