Earn Coins for Power ups in Gridblock Puzzle Game iPhone

Gridblock – Puzzle Game from Barry Wyckoff is a trending and straightforward puzzle game for the ios and android platforms where you will merely fill the grid on the board with blocks, so that you can form rows and columns then get points and coins from you are doing here

gridblock puzzle game walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also have to avoid gridlock and try to survive as long as possible by placing a series of blocks on the board

Make sure to do this without running out of moves or placements
At the same time, you must also clear lines to make points.
Later on if you have got high score and coins, you will be able to get some power-ups

To fill up the board, you must clear lines horizontally and vertically
Doing so will create more space for new blocks and it will help you increase your score.
At this point, you can try making more than one line to clear some spaces so that you will get more points.

Note that, when doing so, always keep your pieces around the corners and edges of the board.
Also, you must try to avoid the middle of the board whereby you are able to take up as little space as possible
Remember to avoid making big gaps between blocks since they are inevitable
Anyway, you can delay them as long as possible to survive for a long time in the game.

Coins seem to be regarded as the premium currency of this game
To get them, you can clear some blocks coming along with stars
Therefore, always stay alert of the blocks with stars on them as they will give you more coins when you can clear them.

In the way of making money coins, you can go to iaps, and look for the free coins offer wall
There, you will be asked to complete offers which will grant you coins as reward.

Sometimes, you will get to download app and run it to earn more extra coins.
After getting coins from downloading and running the app on your device, you can then uninstall it

Once getting enough coins, you can now get some power-ups which can swap out your recent batch of blocks for a new batch.
According to this circumstance, you can shuffle rearranges your blocks.

With bomb, you can clear all blocks within a 1-block radius of the block you are tapping.
Using zap can clear all blocks of the same color.
Besides, you can also use Clear R and Clear C power up to clear one row or one column.
If you want to clear all blocks within a 2 block radius of the one that you are tapping, you can use nuke power up.


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