Earn Big Tip and Stars in Sky Burger Build and Match Food Free iPhone

NimbleBit will challenge you to earn more cash by completing each order of burger in its newest game called Sky Burger

complete orders fast in sky burger walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of the towering puzzle strategy game that will assign you to make super burgers from the ground up.

It is not especially hard, but it can be challenging, when you have to build a Sky Burger to get cash and amount of tip.

In this game, you will work stacking burgers to order that you can do by catching the right ingredients as they fall from the sky, and be sure to place top bun when you think the order is complete

Later on, you will build more than 50 unique burger orders which will be taller and taller to complete. Moreover, you will also earn cash for each burger and you will also be promoted up the Sky Burger corporate ladder.
Also, you will watch your business grow with each promotion at your career stats.

Along the game, it will highly be recommended that you can maximize your tip by dodging some incorrect ingredients.
Here, if you do not need onions or pickles, you can then grab one that will drop your tip amount.

Then, if you need 2 patties and build a triple cheeseburger, your tip will be docked as well.
On the other side, you cannot add an ingredient to the middle of your stack so you can slide through ingredients as needed without penalty.

In the way of maximizing your amount of tip is always be fast when dodging some unwanted ingredients scattered on the screen.
If you can put specific ingredients onto your burger quickly, your tip will come to the big one.

Meanwhile, if you nail every burger ever made, you will get tips making it worth
In addition, always keep practicing to get 200% tip which will essentially rocket you to the next employee level in this game.


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