Earn and Save up Volts Coins for Super Troops in Global Assault iPhone

Kongregate has the newest strategy RPG game for ios and android platforms bundled in Global Assault where you and the Havoc crew will fight against greedy military organizations throughout the world.

global assault walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to do a research which will need time to complete
Here, improving the fighting fortunes is based on research, but it usually takes a long time to complete unless you want to spend Volt Coins to get it speed up.

If you do not want to use your volt coins to complete the research process, you can alternatively try to do time lapse trick
At this point, you simply set the time ahead on your phone or tablet in order to speed it up.
Once doing so, just go back to the game and gather your finished research.

After getting the finished research, make sure to go back to the date and time settings then set the time back to recent time.
Next, you can now go back to the game and you will find any research that you completed will still be done.
Moreover, you can also apply this trick to recover from the damage done to your ship or for speeding up fusion projects in the armory.

In related to the game currency, this game features volt coins as the main currency that you can collect through some missions in this game

With this volt coins, you can use them to get rare or super rare fighters, aside from the armory
Therefore, once collecting your volt coins, make sure to save up them for the rare and elite supply drops in the store.
Always remember not to spend them on speeding up anything
Otherwise, just wait it out and save up your Volt Coins for the good supply drops such as rare fighters.

Except volt coins, resources are the silver coins, that you should also save up to upgrade the existing troops in your active battle party.
With these upgrades, you can use your troops in the Armory so that they can be fused to make better and rarer troops
Besides, it will also give them an instant statistical increase.

When going into the battle, you can use auto battle to fight against easy enemies
Later on, you will deal with tougher enemies, as the game tends to put your troops out into the worst possible locations.

For such reasons, you should take over the reigns by yourself
At this phase, you can send your troops out into generally the same rows as your enemy troops
And, in order to block enemy troops while offensive specialists, you can use defensive specialists that you can set it in back, behind a strong defender
Also, you can put into blank rows to attack the enemy’s mobile command at at time.


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