Drive Far to Earn Some Coins for New Cars in Traffic Racing Rivals iPhone

Traffic Racing Rivals from Pictormania has delivered a fresh endless driving game specifically designed for the iOS platform and android soon.

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Along the game, you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to drive for as long as possible while collecting some more coins, and building up your collection of cars that you can do with the cash that you have gathered up every time you complete each mission.

When you want to earn more coins, it will be based on four factors.
You have to drive your car as far as possible and try to stay over 60 MPH
It also depends on, how many times you can swerve close to another car, and how long you can stay in the wrong way lane.
In line with this if you can do more toward all of these things, you will earn more coins.

You can also have a chance to double your coins
Once going through each of your races, you will be given the option to watch a video in order to double your coin earnings.
When seeing this offer, be sure to watch this video and you will be able to capitalize on already-high earnings, then you can take your coins and use them only for a new car.

Meanwhile, you can also earn free coins that you can do by rating this game
At this point, all you will do is merely to follow the prompt, and type in the answer to “What would you rate this game?” in the window itself.
Doing so will direct you to the app store, then you can turn right back around and go back to the game to collect your full coin bonus in amount of 1,000 coins
At that time, you will do it without submitting your rating into the app store review page.

Moreover, if you want to gather up coins fast, you can play the two lane road every time
When driving in that lane, you can spend as much time in the opposite lane as possible, so that you will earn coins in a quick way.
At this stage, the first twenty seconds of the stage are car-free in that it will allow you to stay in these lanes for as long as you desire without having to go back into the main lanes.

In addition, unlocking new cars in this game will be hard as you will need big cash for it
For such reasons, if you cannot get a new car, try to purchase some upgrades for your current car.

In the mean time, you can go to the main menu and tap play button
Next, you can go to the “free cash” button in order to get three upgrade options for speed, handling and braking.
Always be sure to save your coins and cash for a new car and the spare part upgrades.


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