Dragil Cheats in Legend Dragon SaiYan`s Secret iPhone

Legend Dragon SaiYan’s Secret is RPG that is a new series of Dragon Ball Z franchise designed specifically for iOS and Android.

legend gragon saiyan secret walkthrough ios android

In this game, you can manually do the battles with enemies
And, auto-battling will suffice for 99 percent of the battles
In this game, the game will automatically optimize what order your heroes that will be placed in
Once they are in the battlefield, they are matching them up against the enemy’s heroes.

Sometimes, you will have to tailor the strategy to go for a quick finish.
Your main goal here is to eliminate the enemy captain or leader that will come to your victory.

Every time you have won each battle, you will be rewarded with dragil or diamonds that you can use to get a permanent boost.
In order to get more free Dragil, just wait for events and special offers to come around that will give you free dragil without buying them.

To level up your heroes, you will have to get experience points, that you can do by replaying an old stage and tapping raid button, then choosing to raid 5 times.

Just do this until you run out of stamina, and every time you beat that level, you will get very quick experience levels.
On the other side, just complete the quests in the quest menu in order to get rapid experience point, you can also earn other treasures, including rare cards.

Once leveling up your heroes, you will be able to unlock new ways to upgrade your cards.
Once getting those cards, you should evolve them by decomposing cards that you no longer want, so that you will get evolution experience from it.

Meanwhile, you have to save your evo experience until you can evolve one of the current cards that you want to keep
Then, you can evolve it to gain a big boost in base stats.

In addition, every time you earn new cards, can do auto-group them in the deck management area.
There, your cards will be grouped by the best level, stats, and highest rarity, so when you get rarer cards, they will automatically be placed in and the old weaker cards will be shifted out that will make better composition in your cards inventory.


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