Double Gems Cheats in Ronaldo & Hugo Superstar Skaters iPhone

Hugo Games will let you take a role as the celebrity Cristiano Ronaldo and his old friend Hugo, the famous troll, where you will be perform your actions in this extreme endless skater game.

ronaldo and hugo superstar skaters walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to guide Cristiano Ronaldo and Hugo to run away from the Paparazzi named Pete in which you will go on your run with the skater running through Las Vegas, that is one of the most spectacular cities in the world

To play this game, just double tap to use a skateboard.
Be sure to swipe up while wearing a Wing Suit to collect coin rings on the sky.
You can also grind on rails to increase combo multiplier.

During in your run, you will also be able to show off your coolest skateboard tricks on the street through the city
In the mean time, you must also try to grind on the rails of Las Vegas to boost your combo score.
Packed with features you have never seen before:

Sometimes, you will also have to dodge incoming trams or grind on top of them while collecting coins and gaining score for every successful tricks you have performed in each stage
Always stay alert of crossing trains, traffic, and boats when performing your tricks

To do successful tricks, you can do certain controls such as how to jump, swipe, duck and dodge high roller limos, crazy taxi drivers, and trams.

At the same time, you will also have to find secret routes to get away from paparazzi
Also, you can travel through the vibrant landmark casinos of Vegas like a true VIP while trying to max your combo for higher score and coins

Moreover, you can also fly to the skies in a wing suit in the extreme bonus mode
Anyway, you can also have a chance to roll the Dice to get great prizes and boost your skater score.

In order to get rewards in form of coins or gems, you can take a challenge in the Celebrity Scoop by collecting letters and special items there.
Every time, you can accomplish your challenge successfully, you will be granted with nice rewards

As usual, this game will feature currencies such gold coins and gems
To collect the coins, you will find the scattered on the screen while you are skating through the city
And, getting gems will be hard though as you have to complete specific challenge or you can complete every level with a lot of combo trick that will also increase your score

With your coins and gems, you can customize him with cool outfits and gear to get special effects
Plus, you can also use your coins on the whole set of skateboards, and use the special abilities when going for actions

In addition, in order to get more rewards, either coins and gems, be sure to connect this game to Facebook
Then, log in with Facebook to play this game regularly to get free board upgrade and other rewards.
You can also use the permanent coin doubler and coin multiplier power to increase the coins ring collection.


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