Double Earning Balance Trick in Make Money Rain Cash Clicker iPhone

Clownbox Studios will give you a chance to be a millionaire in a minute that you can do by playing Make Money Rain: Cash Clicker both on ios and android devices

make money rain cash clicker walkthrough ios android

To play this game is pretty simple as you will merely tap on the money and it will go flying out.
Here, you will not find FBI or do the swipe motion in this game.

Thus, just tap with multiple fingers alternately to make the money rain faster.
If you can do so well, you can increase your multiplier as you do, so that you will make the amount of money that you earn to skyrocket high.

To be super boss in this game, be sure to purchase the clicker upgrade first
It is caused by, doing so will make each click worth more.

Later on, you will have to purchase the cash per second upgrades when you start to make more money
These upgrades will enable you to step away from the game for a bit, and you will still be able to make money at that time.

On the other side, you will also be able to make more cash in this game while your phone is in idle mode
To do this, just plug it in and turn off the setting to auto-sleep the screen.
Afterward, you can just leave the phone on the charger with the game active.

In the process, you will still earn a bunch of money for as long as the phone is in idle mode
Once you have come back, you can grab those cash and you can purchase more power ups such as cash balance earning doubler and cash blast.

Also, be sure to tap the gold coins whenever you see the them falling during in your action.
Every coin there will be worth about 20 times a single tap
Thus, just grab them to be used for more stuff in this game.

In line with this, you can fill the bar at the top of the screen to get a rain of these big coins to fall on the screen.

Meanwhile, you may see the ads popping up while you are playing
In order to get rid of them, you can set your phone into an airplane mode.
Alternatively, you can just shut off the data and the wifi network connection on your phone.


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