Donuts Coins Cheats Sky Whale iPhone

Nickelodeon has a new game called Sky Whale that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices where you will be brought to jump into the sky to grab all donuts there

sky whale walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide a narwhal with an odd assortment of clothes to jump higher
During your action, you will have to use all of the clouds, monkeys, toilets and all of the other crazy objects

You can also use some combos which will take your narwhal into outer space.
In line with this combo, you can use scuba gear to send your character on an underwater adventure.

At the same time, you will also be assigned to collect some coins that will be handy to unlock some cool items

To play this game, you will simply tap to jump, and you will need donuts to do every single jump
Early on the game, you get four donuts, that you have to use wisely.
Just use them when when you are about to directly go underneath something

This game features sand dollars as the premium currency where you will get them once you can go farther on the sea
With this sand dollars, you can use them to get boosts and something to wear.

With these wearables, you can go underwater after you fall, and you will see the boosts to pop up suspended in midair, that will allow you to hit more stuff at that time.

Once going underwater, you will some different power ups to collect there.
You can go for a long distance underwater, if you stop tapping the boosts so that you will jump right back up.
At that moment, be sure to save up your donuts underwater in which they will be handy to be used when you jump back up into the air

As said earlier, you can use jumping boosts such as the monkey, that will guide you to propel higher at a high speed
You can also tap multiple of these boosters in a row to make big combinations.
So, just try to jump high enough to get propelled into outer space fast.

Every time, you jump into outer space, the gravity will decrease in automatic.
In accordance with this, if you go into space higher, the gravity gets lower, so that you can stay airborne for a long time with enough donuts
When performing such action, you can keep in space for as long as possible to have new record

Meanwhile, you will have to search for boosts such as the giant jelly donut and the rainbow donut, that will allow you to grab a lot of donuts easily.

Using the giant jelly donuts will explode into dozens of smaller donuts that you can use during in the air.
Thus, just collect jelly donuts as much as possible to stay in the air for a long time


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