Do Tricks to Get Extra Obtainium in Bike Unchained iPhone

Bike Unchained brought by Red Bull is a timing based biking game that you can play both on ios and android devices

bike unchained walkthrough ios android

Here, you can do some tricks and blaze your way down awesome mountains.
Besides, you can also create your own team consisting of bikers with different stats

During the game, always pay attention to the green lines on the track which will guide you when you should be flowing and go.
Each time, you see downhill slopes, be sure to flow your bike
And, if you see inclines or any kind of upward change, just go to preserve your speed.

Later on, you will go through some levels consisting of three separate rewards categories such as bronze, silver, and gold.
If you do your action in the right time, you will get a chance to get gold.

Before completing each level, be sure to check to see what time you need to beat.
In line with this, you will get a separate reward for each tier
Thus, if you manage to get gold, just try to get all three rewards
Be sure to aim at gold since it will guide you to get obtainium, the premium currency of the game.

When biking on the track, just try to tap the flow button repeatedly to start your momentum
Try to do this when you face an incline moment
Besides, you can also wait for your biker to pass up the hill by tapping the flow button to have them pedal faster.
At this point, you will get up the incline much faster there

Always think about to perform tricks in the air, as this will make your adrenaline meter rise up.
If you reach maximum adrenaline, you will get a nice speed and jump boost for a short time.

When performing some tricks, always watch out for small little humps and bumps that will give you a nice boost.
Also, consider to hit the flow button right before you land for a smooth landing so that you can preserve your speed.

In addition, you can also claim your free sponsor packs to get random parts and riders from them.
In accordance with this, you will have to build your team up full of diverse riders

Also, always think to apply your XP packs to have more experience points that will be useful to level up your riders naturally on their own

If your riders level up, they can equip stronger skill badges to perform more tricks that will earn you more obtainium.


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