Do Some Upgrade to Earn Golden Eggs in Egg Inc iPhone

Auxbrain will give you a chance to have a farm full of chicken which will give you a ton of eggs every day and earn you more money with them

egg inc walkthrough ios android

Surely, all of this can be realized in the ios and android devices
In this egg farm, you can live out your dreams, where you can have eggs which will feed you all the time

To grow your business, you must tap the screen to get those eggs flowing.
By tapping with a wider area, you can get some money and dip into the various upgrade screens.

In order to get more fresh eggs in daily basis, you must upgrade the shacks for your hens
In line with this, tap on the building to see how utilization is going.
And, make sure to have the vehicles to transport the eggs.

Sometimes, you may see a drone flying around in which you must tap it to knock it out to gain some money.
You may get a golden egg, the premium currency because doing that action

Always stay alert of the right hand side of the screen as you will be informed for a random bundle of cash which has been dropped at your door.

As said earlier, a golden egg is the main stream of your income in this game
In order to get them more, just watch a video in exchange for gold eggs.

After collecting enough money, put them into Comfortable Nest, and Nutritional Supplements, since they will boost your egg laying rate

On the other side, just leave Better Incubators till last, whereby you will need this to unlock later tiers.
Think to upgrade Internal Hatcheries to increase your chicken total while you are offline
Do some upgrades toward The Epic tier as this will earn you more gold eggs


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