Dino Buck Cash mPoints Cheats Jurassic World The Game iPhone

Jurassic World: The Game from Ludia can be said as an epic action-adventure game for ios and android platforms where you will be able to play more than 50 colossal dinosaurs then go to battle with the other dinos for cash and mpoints.

jurrassic world the game walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will need to build a winning Battle Arena team, in which you must design the most efficient and effective park, that will allow your dinosaurs to thrive and evolve.

You must also make an experiment to discover new and amazing species of dinosaurs that you can do by having surprise-filled card packs.

As usual, this game features Dino Cash, also known as Cash, which is considered as the premium currency of the game.
Besides, mPoints are also can be said as the other currency that is not necessarily used to get stuff in the game, but this kind of currency is used for rewards outside of the game.

In order to earn more free Cash in this game, just go to the in-game IAP store and tap the free button located at the far left side of the cash area.

There, you will get the option to log into Tapjoy website for the first time.
Once doing so, you will get an offer wall come up from their website that will provide you rewards in the game that you can do by downloading various games and apps

At this point, you will also see the other offer wall, which contains offers both free and paid that will earn you more cash, such as watching ad videos, or others.
If you go for the paid offers, they will be worth far more than the free ones.
And, the paid ones will actually be worth more in Dino Bucks than an actual IAP itself.

On the other side, you can also earn cash by completing various quests.
Typically, it will be the battle stage quests that will earn you more cash

In line with this, if you want to unlock another battle quest against Hoskins, you will be able to gain experience by completing non-battling quests, such as fighting in the challenge stages, or by placing and selling decorations in many times.
You can also get free 50 Dino Cash by connecting this game to Facebook account.

Except cash, you will also be granted with mPoints that can be exchanged for merchandise outside of the game, such as gift cards or free things.

To get those mpoints, all you will do is to complete achievements within the game
At this phase, just go to the mail icon, sessionM, the achievement section to see what you can tap on for having mpoints.

Moreover, checking in at various places will earn you mPoints in the game.
You can access those places on the front page of sessionM, not at the achievements section one.


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