Dinero Cheats in Diner Dash iPhone

Glu Mobile has come with new game, Diner Dash, where you will be assigned to serve as many hungry customers as you can

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Throughout the game, you will be served with different combos and a frantic new setup, along with plenty of new tricks sprinkled anywhere to make and serve a delicious new dish.

Here, try to serve diners well to make color bonuses.
When new visitors enter your restaurant, make sure to give them tables that match the color of the clothes they are wearing.
Doing so will earn you a Color Bonus, then you are able to keep track of who is sitting when the going gets tough.
Anyway, it will be difficult to remember to do this, but you will find that it is beneficial to you in the next stages.

When serving diners to multiple tables, do not sit and wait for only one set of diners to be ready to give you their order.
During this time, you can just wait a split second longer and collect multiple orders or checks at once to make a big combo.
If you can do this well, you will rack up more points and you will find that it is a lot easier to keep up with everyone rather than scrambling to help one person and failing at it.

This game features microtransactions and an energy system to keep in business.
Be sure not to purchase energy segments unless you really need them to keep playing at the moment
It is caused by, as long as you do well in each level, you will get bonus in form of energy to continue.
So far, you will not need to spend any money if you perform at your best level of operation until you start reaching the upper difficulty tiers.

Make sure to always keep seated customers happy during in your restaurant.
In line with this, you will be given with few tools at your disposal so that you can keep the customers who are not quite ready to leave happy, such as coffee and other choices that can be opened up later in the course of the game.

If you see they have finished eating, it does not mean your finished serving them
At this point, always keep an eye on the hearts below your consumers and make sure you get to them when you can
You can prioritize in especially different patron types that get lots more impatient than others.

In addition, you have also to keep Flo running around the game.
According to this, you will be able to click on additional areas for Flo to cover at once without having to worry, whereby some actions will queue up as she dashes around the restaurant to get work done.

Moreover, this will allow you to make massive chain bonuses together that will next give you a large amount of points at the end of the level
Plus, you will get the three-star ratings, which are of course tied to the missions you complete before finishing out the mission given by this game.


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