Diamonds to Rank up Stars in Anime Warriors Guardians of Manga World iPhone

As you may have seen on the mobile markets, there are hundred of classic anime and manga games which have offered unique gameplay such as the ultimate anime RPG called Anime Warriors Guardians of Manga World which you can play both on the ios and android platforms

anime warriors guardians of manga world walkkthrough ios android

Anime Warriors from Dehua Xu can be categorized into a team-based RPG which allow you to build a team consisting of all of your favorite anime heroes.

Early on the game, you will be able to get free heroes from the daily draws.
In line with this, just go to the draw cards section then select your pick where you can draw the base level of hero for free every ten minutes

You can do this up to five times in a day then draw the rare hero type every two days for free.
Thus, always get yourself prepared to get free draws of rare heroes and hero stones.

In related to hero stones, be sure to go into your bag and examine your hero stone to see a list of areas where the stones can drop potentially.
Always consider to do this especially when you are about to expand your team and you have some areas already unlocked there.
You can only find in the Elite versions of levels of the challenge

On the other side, wards are a kind of important equipment pieces for your team that are equipped on a row by row basis
It means that you do not have to equip each individual hero.

For such reasons, equipping the front row with gear will make each hero in the front row get the bonuses.
This is why inlaying wards take a big role here
And, after having a ward in each slot, you can permanently upgrade all of those stat boosts into the row.

Later on, when you are about to attack enemies in the battlefield, consider to use your joint attack
At this point, Straw Hat and FireFist as the two starting front line heroes will have a very powerful joint attack to the enemies.

Straw Hat can transform into a giant bowling bowl and FireFist can launch him at your enemies which will deliver incredible damage to the enemies
But, this will need both heroes’ special gauge to be filled before reuse again.
Only use that ability when you are dealing with bosses and powerful enemies

As usual, this game will feature diamonds and coins as the main currencies
Basically, you will get coins each time you deal with enemies
And, if you can complete levels successfully, you will be rewarded with some diamonds for free

On the other side, you will have to level up your heroes with experience points
In order to grin some experience points, you can replay earlier levels
Moreover, replaying the older levels will often guide you to find new wards to inlay whereby it will be the best way to power up your team aside from recruiting new members or heroes for your unit.


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