Diamonds to Get VIP Points in Soul of Blade Manga ARPG Android

MobGame has launched Soul of Blade as 2D Action RPG that you can recently play on the android device
This game may come to the ios version along with the newest updates from the developer

soul of balde manga arpg walkthrough ios android

Again, this game can be said as an unique Action RPG combining the aspects of outstanding graphics and attractive action

Along the game, you will go to explore each area to defeat enemies standing in your path
Thus, this is your duty to search for your heroes and go our own paths, to defeat the enemies and get back the world as it was

You will freely guide a swordsman looking for a justice and an innocent girl with innate martial arts, a genius mechanic kid finding an opponent for his robot, then you can also play as a powerful magician looking for immortality.

Later on, you will have to level up your heroes to vip level
You will level them up to vip level with some vip points that you will get each time you explore each area in the game

Note that, VIP Points seems to be equal with base recharged diamonds
These base recharged diamonds can be collected when you recharged the first time $9.99 which will grant you 1150 diamonds and 50 vip points

On the other side, you will have to upgrade your account through Facebook account
Doing so will protect your account from losing data when you reset your phone or when you uninstall game.
Besides, you can also access to your game account by another device

As usual, this game will feature diamonds or gems as the premium currency of this game
As said earlier, you can get instant diamonds by purchasing them at the market

Or, if you want to collect them piece by piece, all you will do is to complete each given task or mission in the game

Once getting enough gems, you can then purchase some upgraded for your heroes
Plus, you can also get more vip points with more gems that you have collected through the game
The more vip point you have, the more level your heroes gain


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