Diamonds Star Cheats in Dot Arena iPhone

Funplusgame offers an innovative strategic action-card-battle gameplay, in their newest game entitled Dot Arena in which this game top PvP RPG action card battle game

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In this game, you will be able to collect your team of cute and epic heroes, then you can challenge your friends in unique PvP, survival, and guild co-op multiplayer combat.

This game features cute-yet-epic art style with over 50 unforgettable heroes and over 120,000 combinations of heroes where you can play Tank, DPS or Support

You will simply tap to unleash each hero’s powerful Ultimate ability in all-new tactical action card-battle gameplay and you can control the pace of battle, so that you can master the arena!

To strengthen your heroes, you have to fuse them but you should promote your heroes, and your hero should equipped all 6 gears.
In order to get all 6 gears for your heroes, they can be loot in certain stages or chapters where some gears needs to be crafted with the recipes
In line with this, you can buy 6 different items with limited stocks and it refreshes at every 9:00 AM

You will also get the benefits on being promoted where your heroes increases your Stats, Stat Growth, Max HP, Physical Attack, Magic Power, Armor, Magic Resistance, Physical Crit and Energy Regen
Also, you can get skills for your hero and up to 4 hero skills you can obtain.
Every time your team Level Up, your heroes will get more stamina and max hero level.

Later on, you will go through current normal stage, in that you have to try lower elite stages to earn items, more coins and diamonds as quest rewards.
Afterwards, just comeback to your current normal stage if you have upgraded enough your heroes.

In addition, every time you log in this game, make sure you accomplish some quests that will earn you free items
You will also get rewards items daily for free, by logging in and claiming your rewards.


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