Diamonds Soulstones Cheats in League of Angels Fire Raiders iPhone

League of Angels: Fire Raiders from Youzu Games Hongkong will be a fresh strategic action RPG that is mainly designed for the iOS and Android devices.

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In this game, you will play with a party of up to six members, then go to quest through numerous stages, upgrade your characters and their equipment, then fight and beat tougher boss heroes.

During in the battlefield, you will sometimes find more equipment for your heroes
Also, you can find more equipment in the store the you can equip to your heroes.
Here, you must try to get three stars to unlock Blitz mode for that level.
Blitz mode will take you to complete a level and get all of the possible drops without actually having to play through the level.

Once your heroes leveled up, you may find that all six equipment slots are filled with items
To deal with this, you can fuse the equipment with the hero to promote them as promotion will give the hero a significant boost in stats and unlocks new abilities.
Because of this upgrade, your equipment for the next level will be harder to come by.

When fighting against enemies, the attacks will be going in automatic
But, you must also watch for the skill to fill up so that you can use it.
If you see it is glowing yellow, it will be ready to use such as Vienna’s ultimate skills, or any other angel’s ultimate skills.
And that ultimate skill will be really useful when going for tougher boss battles.
For such reasons, you can load up on the special attacks when the boss comes at the end of the battle.

Vienna is the staring angel, and she has a group heal that you can utilize for emergencies.
Be sure to upgrade her two active abilities and her passive ability, Divine Contract as this gives an attack boost to all your heroes early on a level.

When you party with a number of new heroes, just look at their base stats of them
And, the current stats will be skewed in favor of your oldest party members due to level ups, equipment upgrades, and soulstone evolutions
Meanwhile, the new characters are sometimes weaker at the moment, and they may actually have better base stats.
So, if you want to level up a new character quickly, you must go to the older stages and play them as much as you like.

Later on, you can build your party consisting the rarest heroes measured by stars.
If you consider this, you will have higher base stats and do an upgrade or two away to have sky-high battle stats.

After making a progress through some stages, you will level up your heroes
And, once reaching level 8 or unlocking VIP 1, you can blitz stages that you have beaten before in which you can automatically complete a battle in a second.
At this point, you will also get all of the items that you normally would earn
Moreover, you will have a higher chance at earning specific EXP items, that will be handy to power up your heroes.

Anyway, this game will take diamonds or gems as the premium currency
Basically, you will be able to earn those gems by completing each stage

On the other side, you must also complete the objective, in which this will give you a nice gold and experience reward in the Quests menu.
You may sometimes get diamonds in the achievements.
To get free rewards such as gold, diamonds, and stamina, make sure to log in the game daily
Once collecting diamonds, you can unlock and start with three slots.

After going through some levels, you can unlock the option to play Elite mode where you can fight against the tough enemies that will grant you some valuable rewards such as new heroes and angel soulstones


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