Diamonds Rubies Cheats Chicken Evolution iPhone

Tapps Games has launched Chicken Evolution Clicker Game of the Mutant Farm as a new clicker game which you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

chicken evolution walkthrough ios android

This game is all about to collect chickens, combine and evolve them together, and watch them turn into mutated and weird forms.

In the mean time, you will have to try to earn coins and diamonds as well
Here, if you evolve them more, you will farm more coins

Early on, just get the tractor upgrade because you will earn a single coin while you are offline.
After being offline for a little while, get back to the game to grab a load of new coins, and all of your new boxes to open.

With these coins, just go to the chicken store and purchase the most highly upgraded chicken there
At this point, you can buy the evolved one to speed up the process of getting next evolution of chicken.

Once unlocking the next evolution of chicken, you will be allowed to purchase a higher tier chicken in the store

As usual, this game will feature diamonds or rubies as the premium currency
To get them, you can get them for free through the IAP store
There, just look for the free button next to the diamonds.

All you will do there is to tap it to watch the promotional video to get one diamond for one video you have watched there.
Also, you can get free ones that is out of the poop which the chickens leave behind, or it will come out of the boxes which new chickens come in.

Besides, in order to get coins quickly, just go to the most highly evolved chicken and tap it as fast as you can.

Alternatively, you can try to turn off the phone’s sleep ability, then leave the phone on with the game active
If you can do so, you will get the auto poops coming out of your chicken which may give you double coins to collect


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