Diamonds Money Cheats in Superstar Life iPhone

Superstar Life from nanobitsoftware is a kind of simulation game that will teach you to be celebrity where you will live in glamor life amongst the other artists here

superstar life walkthrough ios android

Status here is like your position in the game that will get higher once making progress in the game
The more higher your status, the better salary you will get, so that you can purchase better clothes and much more items needed for your life

Early on the game, you will be a Newbie, then you will go through the course of the game to become Miss Popularity, Celebrity, V.I.P. and Superstar.

In order to get more items and rewards, you can help your friend Amanda who loves organizing different events
Here, you must help her with the collectibles she needs
And, she will give you some items in exchange

When attending the party, you can try to win with your outfit
In this game, each cloth will have its own styling points.
Every time, you visit the party, your styling points of the clothes will be sum up
In this party, what you are wearing will be compared to other party goers that will make the best outfit win the party
Always remember not to wear the same outfit in short intervals, as that will lower your style rating.

On the other side, you will also earn redeem points by sending your friends the referral code
After your friend installs the game and completes the tutorial, they are asked to enter a referral code. With your referral code entered for their new game installation and completing the tutorial, you will get a Redeem Point
Once collecting that points, you can exchange them for a reward at the Redeem Screen.
This code can be entered by a new player only.

Besides, you can also try to find certain collectibles by searching the buildings in the city
Also, you can get them by working on your career, attending parties, spinning the wheel at the Carnival and so on

Later on, you can also get social points in the Community Center
In line with this, you can get them by voting for other people’s outfits, or applying on fashion shows with your own outfit

Once getting those points, you can use them for items in the Community Center by tapping on Redeem points
You can also use them to raise your skills at the College.

For further, you can also get energy in the Spa Center.
Inside the Spa Center, you can relax in the swimming pool, in the massage chair or at the massage table.
Every time you relax here, you will automatically get your energy back fully
There, you can also get bikinis at the Spa Center, or try new hairstyles, change the shape of your lips and even more actions to beautiful one

Meanwhile, you must get your skill points leveled up
To get these skill points, you can go through dating, and take part in fashion shows at the Community Center.
Furthermore, you can get body points in the Gym that you can do by selecting certain types of exercise there.
You can also get all other knowledge skills and skill points at the College building.

In addition, this game will take diamonds or gems as the premium currency that you will have to collect with any mean necessary
For such reasons, participating in many events will give you a chance to be the winner
And, every time you become the winner, you will be granted with many rewards either cash or diamonds
Moreover, if you can complete certain quest you will also get some useful rewards that will be diamonds or other items for your collection



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