Diamonds Keys to Open Epic Equipment in Sacred Legends iPhone

Sacred Legends from Fishlabs can be categorized into a new action RPG dedicated to the ios and android users worldwide

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Along the game, you will be brought to go to an adventure of Ancaria, a fantasy world full of magic and mystery
Here, you will explore every area and fight your way through the hordes of evil while collecting loot, powering up your skills to your heroes

Every hero in this game comes along with skills points, a regenerating resource and there’s a cap which maxes out at 9 when starting the game for the first time.

When hitting your cap, you will use your skill points to regenerate new skill points.
In line with this, you will get a new point every six minutes
Then, after expending all your skill points, check back in an hour if they are available again

You may also need to regenerate skill points by blitzing older levels.
When clearing out a level normally, you will get three stars, where you can blitz it to clear the level again for the listed rewards.
Use this to upgrade your existing equipment easily and you may find new gear as well.

Moreover, every time, you can complete the level well, you will be granted with items and resources in form of diamonds, the premium currency of this game

Later on, you will enhance the equipment with the same type of equipment to double the experience
Besides, you will need every piece equipment get to upgrade all of your equipment

In related to the equipment, you can get epic equipment in three vaults, that you can open for free after a certain amount of time has passed, or you can use keys or diamonds to get them.

According to this, you can watch an advertisement to open a chest in a minute
And, if you can open a specific chest 10 times, you will get a super rare on your next open.

After collecting enough diamonds, you can use on equipment from the shop which sells different gear every couple of hours
This will give you sell epic-rarity equipment.

In order to get more diamonds in this game, make sure to complete the daily quests which will reward you with 15 diamonds.


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