Diamonds Gold Cheat in MonsterVale 2 iPhone

Lin Chen as the one who makes MonsterVale II will involve you to be a Tamer in this game.
This game will get you to deploy and gather up monsters based on real locations.

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Anyway, when Monsters work in Habitats, they will come to gold Monsters with higher level that can produce more.
And, when gold stored reaches the Habitat gold capacity, the production will stop there

Along the game, you will always have to gather up gold, or you will lose a lot of money
You can simply tap collect them which are produced by Dark Habitat

Here, Monsters with a higher level will produce gold in a quick time in which they can also improve their combat performances.
In line with this, you must level up Monsters as fast as you can.

In this game, food is the main resource to level up Monsters in which your food will also grow as more and stronger Monsters emerge.
On the other side, you can also feed them with food in stock
As a result, you will see the Monsters growing when you feed them with a lot of food so that you will be able to watch a Monster power rising

If you find a Monster eats too much food, it needs some time to digest that food.
Because of this, you can use diamonds to speed up the digestion process immediately, so that you can then go on feeding again.

When going to the combat session, you can apply a maneuvering, which means you put Monsters into your formation, in which it is also known as your Dispatch Platform.
At this point, only some Monsters in the formation will go for fighting in the battlefield.

Before going to battle with other tough enemies, you can find some Monsters in Elven Mountains, in which it is a good place for beginners to practice, since the levels of these Monsters are low than your monsters

Alongside, your monsters will have the magic power that is are mainly coming from the magic crystal inside of their body
And, these magic crystals comes to a big magic power, that can help you in your future training

Also, you have to improve your power before going to the combat session
With better power and new tactics, you will be able to win the combat and its rewards

Except having magic power, each Monster herein has a high combat talent, and Monster’s combat strength will increase a lot along with the upgrade of its talent
In accordance with this, talent is the main element of Monsters’ combat power whereby always be sure to upgrade the talents of Monsters every time you upgrade your Monsters
Doing this upgrade will make your formation get stronger

In addition, you will also have a chance of getting some coll rewards that you can do by fighting your way through quests and tournaments


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