Diamonds for Growth Cards in BlazBlue RR iPhone

BlazBlue RR or Revolution Reburning the Real Action Game is a new 2D side-scrolling or arcade fighting anime game from 91Act that you can now play both on the ios and android platforms

blazblue rr walkthrough ios android

In this new arcade-style anime game, you will be brought to go through quests to find and defeat enemies and bosses, unlock new characters and equipment, collect coins and diamonds.

When questing through levels, you can set the game to auto-fight in the options menu
In line with this, you can do it by area in Story Mode, Infinity Tower, PvP etc.
Besides, you can also choose to fight manually by tapping the directional buttons

Later on, you will have to upgrade your equipment and your hero with the resources you have got during the game
With upgraded equipment and hero, you will easily fight through tougher levels.

At the same time, you will also get hero cards from the battle you are going through or prizes outside of battle.
After collecting enough hero cards, you can then use them to get a new hero for your collection.

On the other side, you will have to go through the strongholds to speed up the unlocking of the features in the game which are behind unlock walls.

At this point, you can play this game online with the people on your same WiFi network
Then, once unlocking five heroes you can do the real-time battle against people who are not on your local network.
Also, you can try to unlock the infinity tower after going through specific strongholds.

In accordance with this, after going through Stronghold 15, you will be able to unlock raid mode
Through this mode, you can load up on quick experience and enhancement materials
These material include coins, seithr and diamonds, the premium currency of this game

To get such currencies, you will merely go through levels and questing there
After completing some levels, you will be granted with a bunch of rewards in form of coins and diamonds or gems


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