Diamonds EP for Rare MS Mecha in Gravity Battle iPhone

Gravity Battle from Wenjin Wu can be said as a new unofficial Gundam-based RPG which is specifically designed for the iOS device.

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Along the game, all you will do is to battle through round after round of rival mechas, while collecting various Gundams and loading them up with upgrades and other equipments.

Later on, you will be tasked to build up the gems
At this point, just go to the armory to get new Mobile Suits.

There, you will start to build up your diamonds so that you can get the 4-5 star MS summon.
In line with this, you can have up to three at a time in your party, whereby you can also fill your party with the rarest ones
Here, the common ones will be 1 to 3 stars that you can then replace with the rarest ones

In this game, you will have one main character in your party
And, it can control how far you can enhance your others that you can do by sacrificing unused MSes
Alternatively, you can enhance them with energy cubes to enhance them one level at a time.

In accordance with this, you can level up your main character with experience points that you can get from the battle you are engaged in.
Later on, you can speed up the process not only with skips, but you can use your raid tickets to beat the levels at ease with three-starred mechas.

Once going through some stages, you will level up your character and get stamina restorations for free
Plus, you can also unlock all of the locked areas in the main map gradually.

So, just keep playing until running out of stamina without being able to level up immediately, then you can use your raid tickets.
If you are about to run out of stamina, just check out some of your unlocked areas such as arena battles and raids to regenerate it.

If you have friends playing this game, both of you can send EP each other
With EP, you can summon MS from common summons, to rare ones.


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