Diamonds Cube Cheat in Line Let`s Get Rich iPhone

Line corporation has presented a game similar to the game of monopoly which is bundled in Line Let’s get rich game where you will have to reach the highest score and win each match for gold and diamonds

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As said before, this game is similar to the conventional monopoly game, where you can buy a city and locations such as Pension, Condo, Hotel, and Landmark inside the city.
Then, if your opponents get in your city, they must pay a tax in form of money.
Note that, your opponents can take your city by buying it but if you have landmark, your city cannot be taken by anyone else.

To play this game, you will need characters that are categorized into each class, starting from C, B, A, A+, to S Class.
You can upgrade your character’s level to the maximum level by combining with the other character.
Anyway, you can get A+ character by combining character A level 20 with character A level 20 as well.

Moreover, if you want to get character A+ you can purchase Premium Card Pack to get 1 character A+ with 200 diamonds.
Similar with the tip to get character A+, in order to get character S, you can combine A+ character 12 with character A+ level 25.

In line with this, if you have Diamond Cube, it sometimes contains Premium Card Pack with character A+ inside that pack.
And, if you want to get Diamond Cube, you can collect then if you can keep winning from one match to another one.

Along the game you will need both diamond and gold which are the main currencies of this game where you can do some upgrades by using gold.

This game will bring you to explore in several levels, in which one high level is Platinum or VVIP Class and Diamond or VIP Class.
If you win in that level, you will earn more diamond as reward
Also, you will get gold and cube that you can use to upgrade your card again to be the highest level.

On the other side, S card class is the highest card in this game where you must upgrade your card by using another card through enhancement.
Be sure to upgrade it with your gold until it reaches level 25 then combine character A+ level 25 with character A+ level 25 to get S character.
During this upgrade, you will need some other cards with higher enhancement.
With this card, you will have a chance to earn more diamond for free due to winning each match in high level such as in VVIP Class and VIP Class.

Meanwhile, using the S class pendant will come to a pendant for additional equipment in support of the game
Here, every pendant will have its own function.
At this point, you can try using S class and minimum class B then upgrade your level to level 5 in order to get better function.
You can try to apply the strategy with the eagle pendant toe nail, black card, VIP plane ticket, scratched records and also Devil’s eye.

Throughout the game, you will use dice as a determinant of how much a box of dice which will get you to walk in each turn of the match.
Also, pay attention to upgrade the “metal gear” in green color to level 10 so that with the highest level dice you will have a great chance of winning each match.

Furthermore, magic items are a kind of an additional tools that you can use to support during the match. At this point, you can try to use angel cards, and magic item which is also be useful for supporting you in each turn.


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