Diamonds Crates to Unlock New Cars Slot in Pixel Car Racer iPhone

For those who like playing any racing game on the ios and android devices, you may have to try Pixel Car Racer on your phone

pixel car racer walkthrough ios android

Graphically, this game is made in simple pixel graphics and you will be allowed to tune and customize some various cars
Besides, you can also purchase new cars and sell them to get additional income

Later on, you will also get to collect cash and diamonds, the main currencies by taking part in many races on the street or on the drag strip
Make sure to upgrade the stats on all of your cars, such as power and weight to get them powerful on the track.

Early on the game, you can try in drag event then continue your racing experience in the street racing
When competing in street racing, you will merely tilt your phone to the left or to the right to change lanes
Never to hit the other cars or you will lose speed although it is necessary in the CTF mode.

If you want to get victory at the CTF mode, try to keep the flag as long as possible
In line with this, if the other racers hit you from behind, they will take the flag
For such reasons, just hold your speed down to a level where you can get around the crowd of cars.
According to this, if the other racer takes your flag, try chasing them down by following the checkered flag icon.

On the other side, you may consider to use the dyno where you will see what your optimal shift points are.
This relates to the horsepower and torque of your car
And, see the RPM of your car as well

Having an extremely fast car will be the main point here, where gear ratios may be longer for mile races than for quarter-mile races.
It will be recommended not to change the numbers too much since it can throw off your car’s speed potential.

As said earlier, cash and diamonds are the main currencies of this game
To get easy cash, just check the store where you can get a free gift containing 15,000 cash.
Besides, you can also watch the ad video in exchange for cash and diamonds to be used for the best parts or the best cars.

After taking part in drag and ctf mode, you will have to try playing in the advanced mode where you can do a burnout properly
In the way of doing so, shift into reverse and back up a little.
Afterward, hold the clutch and rev to redline.
At this time, try to dump the clutch and hold the brake immediately
Remember not to let up on the gas pedal the entire time until your tires are nice and hot.
Do this until the more power of your car is up, so that you can easily do a proper burnout properly.

If you have enough cash and diamonds, go to the dealership, where you can choose cars which are ranked by speed, power, grip and weight.
Consider to pick the one with the power ranking as this will affect when the car is hit by another car or when it hits another car.
When the car hits a lower powered car with a higher powered car, it will fly farther forward so that that car will lose less speed which will give you a chance to keep moving in fast speed

Everytime, you join in races, you will get stat points which will be useful to increase large boosts to the experience
It will be necessary to boost your experience points first to provide quick experience levels early on the level
Because of this, you will get more cash boosts later on

To speed up the engine, be sure to customize your car with nitrous or NOS.
One thing you must notice is that when being in a street race, NOS will regenerate after you use it.
And, if you compete in a drag race, nos will not regenerate until the end of the race.
Thus, nos is really important to be applied in every single car


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