Diamonds Coins Cheats in Manga Arena Android

Manga Arena can be said as a brand new action card battle game, featuring a bunch hundreds of classical anime characters that you can play mainly on android device

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Early on the game, you will have to rebuild your units consisting of anime characters
Then, you will go to explore each area for victory and resources in form of coins and gems

Along the game, some heroes will move at different speeds while running in different layers of the scene

In the battlefield, you can use your ultimate skill once gaining full rage point
Be sure to manage your strategy based on single, horizontal, vertical, cross, full class
You can also set overall position from full tank, DPS, assisting, to controlling one
At this point, different formation will have different additional properties.

AS usual, this game will come along with the premium currency in form of gems
You can get these gems with these following ways

By logging in new server, you will get some items such as gems, train bean, beast soul, nana stone, coins and vit burger
When logging in the server, be sure to enter the game to access Get Reward panel on the top left.

To get more diamonds, just gather up fellows within 3 days after the server starts
Here, you will be rewarded with diamonds, and some exp fruit
When doing so, just enter the game then access the Activity Page.

On the other side, every time, you reach certain level, you will also be rewarded with coins, diamonds and exp fruits

So, just enter the game and you can access Activity Crazy Upgrading panel on the upper left to get your rewards.


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