Diamonds Coins Cheats Football Planet iPhone

If you like playing a football management game or any game in similar, you must try to play Football Planet on your phone.

football planet walkthrough ios android

Football Planet is fresh management game that is specifically designed for ios and android platforms
In this game, you will be able to recruit and build the ultimate team consisting of the best players.

To get the best players, you must train them to improve their stats and watch each match play out in real-time speed

Once your team is ready to match with the other ones, you can go head-to-head against other players to see who will be the best football manager in this game

In the first launch of this game, you will be able to get some freebies that can be collected every few minutes or so
Here, you will get nice, simple gifts such as gold and experience boosts.

Then, every time you log in the game, you can get the login gift, that will provide you better rewards
Later on, each time you level up, you will also get the level up gifts in form of free packages containing some nice giveaways.

Your main objective in this game is to make the ultimate team full of the best players
So, you must try to upgrade your players by sacrificing older players to power them up, then outfit them with various equipment, and equip them with special boosters, Potential.

At this point, you must upgrade function where you can use your old players to power up your better players.

In order to get new potential players, you must complete the main campaign matches
Sometimes, you will get players in D rank, that you can use to upgrade your better players.

If you are lucky, you will get higher rank players, such as C and above.
Next, you can move these players onto your team as all of your starting members are D rank.
If you have high ranked players, they will have better stat growth potential to make the ultimate team.

Doing the campaign matches will allow you to have some pretty good players
In line with this, you can match the rarity of the Star Factory.
At the Star Factory, you will be asked to use your diamonds or gems so that you can win a rare high rank player.

In the mean time, you can also try to get the Rare and Super Rare draw for free every six and twenty four hours.

On the other side, completing the daily missions will grant you a set amount of points
Moreover, if you can reach a certain threshold you will get a chest as a bonus reward.

As usual, gold and diamonds are the main currencies of this game
As stated earlier, every time you can complete each quest, you will be rewarded with gift that will be gold or gems
Winning in each match will sometimes earn you gold coins and gems as your achievements

Besides, you have to gain more stamina to survive in this game
To get more stamina, you can practice against your friend`s team for fun
So, just try to make friends as much as you can to get friendship points that will net you rewards


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