Diamonds Coins Cheats Football Kicks Frenzy iPhone

Football Kicks Frenzy from Distinctive Games can be categorized into a new head to head goal kicking football game that you can play mainly on the iOS platform.

football kicks frenzy walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to go head to head against your rival, where you will make goal as much as you can in certain time period that you will do at the fastest speed and the most accuracy
Every time, you make a goal, you will get score that you can rack up to be the champion

When you are about to shoo the ball, you will have to swipe it a little bit differently relative to the goal, in which distance and how side will really affect each shot.

To make some goals, you will have to kick as fast as you can to get the prize
In line with this, you can try to use between your right thumb and your left thumb to kick the ball.

This game will require gems and coins as the main currencies of this game
In accordance with this, you can get free coins by watching advertisement videos that you can do after completing each match
Besides, if you can win the match, you will be granted with coins and gems as rewards

On the other side, you will have to get the best loads as these ones can block your opponent to see where they are kicking the ball and kicking it at a specific target such as the two man guard.

You can get these power ups by making multiple shots in a row during a match
Also, you can use coins and gems to purchase new power ups
At this point, you can purchase the one that will allow you to make every kick for a ten second span.
Meanwhile, you can also use double swipe as fast as you can to make some goals at once.

Alternatively, you can also get a new ball to get the most accuracy when you kick it to make a goal
This game will give the basic ball without accuracy or power
For such reasons, you can use some coins on upgrades
According to this, you can go for uniform upgrades to customize your character.


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