Diamonds Coins Cheats Farm Village Middle Ages iPhone

Recently, the apple store has a new guest that is Farm Village: Middle Ages from playday games, in which this game can be categorized into a farming management game which is set in the middle ages.

farm village middle ages walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will have to grow as much crops as possible to generate income either gold coins or diamonds, the main currencies of this game

To start your quest, you can go to the request board to grow different kinds of crops.
Try growing multiple crops to have a full storage of resources.

On the other side, you can breed some animals, such as chickens and cows
When breeding them be sure to always keep them fed regularly
To make money from them, you can firstly sell or use chicken eggs
Here, chickens will have a long wait time before they lay eggs, it whereabouts twenty minutes to do so

In line with this, you must feed them regularly
Otherwise, the egg timer will halt and will stay paused until they are fed well.
So, you must always have feed on hand.
Just feed chicken with two wheat and one corn in the feed mill.
You can apply this for the other animals

In this game, you are not alone, in which you will sometimes get visitor from the villager
The villagers will come to your farm to ask for a certain item.
In exchange, they will give you a bunch of gold
For such reasons, be sure to get the items that they want

Moreover, you should try to have a variety of items in your barn
With a bunch of items there, you can be ready for villagers, since they will not stay around forever and will come to you for specific items
Just use this chance to get more and more gold coins for free

Later on, once you reach certain levels, you can unlock additional buildings for your farm.
Also, you will unlock more farm plots, and more of other buildings to upgrade for further.
In accordance with this, you can put down the farm plots then you can increase your crop output.
Always be sure to have your plots seeded properly

When planting some crops, try planting the fast ones as you can harvest them right away.
In the mean time, you can make the refined goods since they are worth the most money.
At this point, refining some goods will require the most effort and time.
To make them, you can turn your wheat into bread, milk into cream, or get some serious dough

After having progresses through the game, you will need more space for your farm, that you can do by getting the clearing tools from marketplaces.
You can use these tools to clear trees and rocks
You can also get saws and axes with around ten coins, while bombs are twenty coins to get.
You will need them to make your farm bigger

In addition, except selling some items or refining goods to the villagers, you must also try to accomplish certain quest that will earn you some gold coins for free
Plus, every time, you level up, you will also get free diamonds as rewards
To get them more, always remember to check the achievement as it will sometimes provide you diamonds

Thus, the main point is to grow crops, sell on the request board often, and make the refined goods to build the ultimate farm and get some resources in form of gold coins and diamonds.


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