Diamonds Cheats to Unlock All Characters in Spider Square Android

Spider Square for BoomBit Games is a kind of arcade game where you will be tasked to control the square hero moving along a long corridor with a special web.

spider square walkthrough ios android

To guide your character, all you will do is to shoot the web and swing on it.
In the mean time, you must also improve your reaction speed while shooting the web forward and up then sticking it to the ceiling.

During in your action, you will be able to change the length of the web to move forwards without crushing into obstacles that can be moving or stationary.
At the same time, you will also be tasked to gather up gems or yellow diamonds along the way.
Those diamonds will really be useful to unlock all the funny heroes available on this game.

On the other side, you can get diamonds multiplier value that will increase by 1 for every 5th level you reach.
Later on, if you can go through each stage longer you will get more diamonds.

Anyway, every time you play, you can revive through watching ads or paying diamonds to start again.
Here, you will also get a chance to gain high score in which you can also beat your rival player in multiplayer mode.

To get more diamonds, you can also watch promotional ads
Meanwhile, if every time you pay your revive with diamonds, it is difficulty to gain it back as those diamonds do not always pop up while you are performing our action in each stage

For such reasons, it will be wise to use your diamonds to unlock all characters or you can spend them on new avatar that will give you a different look when competing with your rival in multiplier mode


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