Diamonds Cheats Soul Hunters iPhone

Soul Hunters from Lilith Games is a kind of the hero collectible rpg where you will have to gather up a variety of heroes and build the ultimate team

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Here, you will get involved in the thrilling battle, where you can try to get the last hit on the enemy to get a +300 energy bonuses that will also help them get their ultimate faster.

Every hero will have six slots for equipment where you can fill it with the items that you can fuse later on
Fusion here will involve permanently melding the hero with the equipment, adding their stat bonuses directly into the hero.

Also, this unlocks a new ability for the hero to use
Thus, just keep your equipment up-to-date then

On the other side, two options for the summoner circle are gold chest and diamond chest.
The diamond chest can be unlocked with an outrageous amount of diamonds
And, the gold chest can be unlocked for free every ten minutes.

At that point, you can rack up free charges on it, and you can hold up to five free opens.
In order to get free equipment and even hero soulstones, you can open the gold chests as much as you can

This game will take diamonds or gems as the premium currency
To get this currency, you can try to complete each given quest

In related to the quests, two sets of quests are always ready for you to complete.
The regular quests are story related that will get you to make a progress through the campaign.

Meanwhile, the daily quests will change every day in which the objectives will be vary
In line with this, you must collect your rewards in form of diamonds for free

Moreover, you will also be granted with Sweep Tickets because of completing quests.
You can then use these tickets to run through a level without actually having to fight through the enemies again.

Using these tickets will save you a lot of time while going back to earlier levels to get pieces of equipment or soulstones there.

Along the game, you will be able to get better equipment to be used for fusion.
At this point, you can tap on an equipment slot to see where that piece can potentially drop for free. Anyway, replaying older levels will be useful to get more experience to level up your hero.

In addition, you will also have to collect three stars on a level
For such reasons, be sure that none of your heroes go down in battle.
To make this happen, you can get the hero Flora as fast as possible as she is the starting healer unit who can heal any hero in your unit in the battlefield.
In addition, you will find her soulstones that you can do by accomplishing the beginning quests.


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