Diamonds Cheats Might and Glory Kingdom War Android

If you like playing any real time strategy game on your phone, you may have to try playing Might and Glory Kingdom War on your phone

might and glory kingdom war walkthrough ios android

This game is a fresh online strategy game that brings classic fantasy and epic battles where you can play such game on the android phone only.

Along the game, you will have to build and defend your own magnificent castle, command your army of mighty heroes to attack the other`s castle, then take part in guild war among other players around the globe online

When building your won castle, you will have to improve it and increase your army to defend your land from the barbarians and the invasion of the dark forces out there.

To protect your castle, be sure to strengthen it with the walls, build defensive towers, and other buildings to supply your castle.

Throughout the game, you must also hire and train your heroes, each with unique abilities.
After everything is ready, you can then try to create your own guild and team up with friends to invade other players castle and steal their resources.

This game has premium currency in form of diamonds or gems
In line with this, this will also guide you to get free diamonds in which you will have to clean trash from the field

To get some big diamonds, you can get involved in tournaments where you will have to win it in order to get diamonds as a reward
Also, you will be able to earn achievements or complete certain missions to get free diamonds.

When taking part in tournaments, it will last five days.
Here, you will be categorized into groups of 100 people of similar rating.
If your rating is in higher one, you will get a chance to grab greater reward in form of diamonds.
In accordance with this, be sure to get your self into the big three in each group to win a prize.
Anyway, you need a rating of at least 500 to be able to join tournament.

On the other side, you can also team up with your friends to join a guild
This guild tournament will last five days and all guilds will be categorized into groups of 20 guilds of similar rating.

You can get Tournament Points for each victory in battle here.
The champion will be determined by their Tournament Points totals.
And, the final reward will be divided among the 15 best players from each of victorious guilds.

Meanwhile, if your castle gets bigger and bigger, it will invite other players to attack it for resources
In order to defend it, you can use a protection, so that the other players will not be able to attack your castle.

And, if your castle has been attacked and destroyed by other player, a protection is activated automatically for a certain period of time.

To always protect your castle, be sure to purchase a protection at the store
With this activated protection, you can also save up your resources



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