Diamonds Cheats League of Stickman Samurai Android

DreamSky has launched League of Stickman game that you can play on the android platform recently and it may come to the ios platform in the future

league of stickman walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to beat any incoming enemies with your sword or other weapons where you will also have to collect coins and gems form each stage

Early on the game, it will highly be recommended if you learn the basic stats firstly
Total Strength is the sum of all the heroes strength and it is the vital attributes that will be needed to level up and beat enemies rather than increasing other attributes.

When being in the combat, you will experience the thrilling sensation with some features such as Double-Hits, Levitation and Deadly Combos that will instantly beat enemies with few hits only

Here, you will also have a chance to switch between heroes and master their four different skills.
You will have to level them up to get the best combat experience for each hero

Later on, you will also be able to unlock heroes and to team up to fight the Monster King boss in this game

During in the boss battle, if you cannot beat it, try to run away and wait for your cd to recover
In the mean time, you must also try to avoid damage and position your skills while delivering more efficient damage to the boss

On the other side, you may sometimes be stuck at a level
To solve this, just try another level, while exploring and beating enemies to earn coins and equipment to increase your strength stat.

Every enemy will drop an advanced equipment that will be useful to be distributed equally for max strength.

And, new sack different equipment will unlock when you have reached 10 to 30 level for your heroes.
In accordance with this, you can level up as much as you can while getting bonus every time your hero has reached to 10th level.

If you cannot beat tough level, just leave it for a while and replay your previous level to level up your heroes and farming more gold coins

Meanwhile, you can also switch heroes to use different skills to defeat enemies in a quick time.
At the same time, be sure to focus on ranged attackers since they can attack you from long distant


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