Diamonds Cheats in Titan Empires Android

If you see the preview of Titan Empires it will be like a cross between Clash of Clans and Clash of Lords 2 in similar genre

titan empires strategy guides

On the other words, this game is a new MMO real-time strategy game, where you will be able to strive to achieve dominance by attacking other players bases with a combination of little troops and big Titans
At the same time, you will be stealing their resources and even joining up with other players, as well as forming into empires and making war then winning it for your glory.

Your Keep is your base headquarters, whereby you must get it well protected out of all of your buildings.
In this game, you cannot simply stick it outside of your base to farm in which anytime someone destroys the Keep, they will quickly destroy your whole base and get all of your resources there.
For such reasons, make sure to put the keep behind as many layers of walls and moats as possible so that you can keep it protected as well.

This strategy works in your favor as well
It is caused by since a lot of players will not even realize or forget that destroying the keep means instant destruction, they will usually make it vulnerable.
In line with this, you can should find players putting the keep in a vulnerable corner of their base, especially for those who surround the top of it with a moat and anything else.
Afterwards, you can send in some archers or a range Titan to make short work of it of the whole base.

On the other side, you will be assigned to gather up diamonds along the game
Diamonds here are the premium currency in this game
With those diamonds, you can both speed up construction projects and build new builder houses, in which you can also have more builders at the same time.

In accordance with this, if you want to get free diamonds, just go to the in app purchase store, tap the button for free diamonds, and begin to complete offers.
Here, you are able to complete as many offers as you want, so that the diamonds will really increase.

Alternatively, in the way of collecting those diamonds except completing the free offers, you are able to try to clear out the trees, rocks, and other debris that is strewn about your base.
Every time you do it, you will get a random number of diamonds, and clearing them out will get you to have more space to build stuff.
Anyway, the trees in the rocks will come back too, so just use them to farm for free diamonds.

For further, having more troops will be expensive after a while
Therefore, you can spend your resources on leveling up your Titans in which it will also make them as strong as possible.
In addition, when you get the right match against a weaker player, you can simply attack them using Titans, in which doing this will not have to waste any extra resources on training new troops later on.



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