Diamonds Cheats in Tap Cats Idle Warfare iPhone

Tap Cats: Idle Warfare from Kongregate is a kind of a new auto-play role playing game that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

tap cats idle warfare walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to build your team consisting of an army of cat warriors and go through one level to another, while defeating waves of invaders, collecting coins, then collecting gems, media tokens and other goodies.

Later on, you will have to upgrade every cat in your team to increase their attack power with the coins
You will get more coins by defeating enemies.

On the other side, you will then tap on one of your cats to bring up the upgrade screen to the cat you want to upgrade.

In line with this, just tap the x1 button to switch it over to x10, x100 or max upgrade
Based on this circumstance, you can upgrade your cat to the maximum level
At the same time, you can equip a new cat out of a cat box.

Besides, you can get more coins by watching the promotional videos
Plus, you will get 2 media tokens for each video you watch.
These media tokens will really be useful to get rare cats.
Moreover, watching such video is great way to reroll a cat box

Diamonds is the premium currency of this game that you can get from achievements completion
At this point, you can find it in the achievements menu
Every time, you see an exclamation mark next to it, you have rewards to collect.

After reaching world 101 or higher, you can get prestige tokens.
Also, you will get a free multiplier and one prestige token for every world that you have beaten.
You can use prestige tokens in the shop for prestige buffs, which include higher damage and more gold.


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