Diamonds Cheats in Soccer Clicker iPhone

Soccer Clicker is the newest clicker game of Naquatic LLC for the ios and android platforms where you will merely tap to collect money cash and diamonds to manage your team

soccer clicker walkthrough ios android

With cash and diamonds, you can recruit new players to be included into your team
Besides, you can also test your skill by competing in weekly tournaments with real opponents from worldwide.

Similar to any clicker games out there, you will have to tap the screen in many times and kick the ball to get more cash to purchase more new players added to your team.

To tap the screen, you can use multiple fingers at high speeds which will give you a number of clicks.
With a number of clicks, you will get more cash and diamonds, the premium currency of this game

With those money and gems, you can purchase new players and upgrade them
Your new players will kick for you to make more money.

In the way of collecting cash fast, just do the time lapse trick
Here, just go to the date and time settings on your phone and change the time an hour or so
Afterward, go back to the game again
If you can do so well, you will be able to get more cash

Later on, you will get to do some upgrades for the offensive players list first
There, just make sure to upgrade the one with the highest PPS added per money spent.
Once doing so, you can then upgrade the defensive player with the highest negative OPPS per money spent.

In related to the players upgrades, you should purchase plays from the playbook for temporary performance enhancements, or you can purchase stadium enhancements which will give you permanent PPS boosts for every single one of your offensive players.
Never purchase different colored balls since they will not give you any sort of performance boosts.
Instead, they will merely change the look and color of your soccer balls.

As said earlier, gems or diamonds are the premium currency of the game.
To get them, always try to win a match
Besides, you can also get free gems by watching the ad videos

For further, if you want to get free gems, just keep watching the ad videos once they have been available on the menu


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