Diamonds Cheats in Sniper 3D Assassin Shoot to Kill iPhone

Sniper Assassin: Shoot to Kill from Fun Games for Free is the one in similar to Contract Killer which is sniping on the iOS store in which it will be nice and challenging shooting game with a bit more difficult due to its tilting controls

sniper 3d assassins shoot to kill strategy guides ios android

Everytime you move, you will require energy in order to do so
When your energy runs out, you have to wait it to comeback in few minutes
But if you do not intend to wait for your energy to refill, you can try to do time lapse tricks
In line with this, all you will have to do is to go to your phone`s settings, then set the time forward 60 minutes or more.
Afterwards, just get back to the game and you will have some extra energy to take on the missions.

After making some progresses through some missions in this game, you will be rewarded with diamonds as the main currency of this game

At this phase, you can try to concentrate on the Wanted missions as much as you can
Doing this will earn you a ton of extra money that you can use to some upgrades.
Remember not to go in missions with minimum requirements
Otherwise, try to go with a top weapon for an even easier job.
Thus, just grind the Wanted missions, make money, purchase upgrades then go through the regular quests for having more rewards given by this game

When having enough diamonds, you will have to do some upgrades constantly
Whenever you upgrade your weapon, be sure to do it by upgrading the recommended areas.
At this point, your missions will have specific requirements for your weapon especially for stats
Anyway, the game automatically guides you to upgrade the weapon to meet these requirements.
So, just follow the recommended ones in order to get your missions accomplished with ease

Besides diamonds, you will also be prompted to gather up coins
In the way of collecting these coins, you have to focus on getting as many headshots as possible whereby each headshot gives you some extra coins.
However, you will not be able to get all headshots in all missions, but where you can do it, just go for it if you have a chance

Always be patient during in all missions
When shooting your target, you must wait for the right moment.

For further, you will be assigned to accomplish some missions that make things very difficult for you by mixing in civilians or hard to reach angles.
For such reasons, it will be better to wait for the perfect moment to shoot
By the way, you do not want to do it when there is a civilian closing to your target.

In addition, you will sometimes receive some missions that will require you to replay them
When dealing with this, just keep in mind the routes and behavior of your targets and wait for the right moment to the perfect shot at them.



  1. Generally good advice, but they fixed the time cheat so you can no longer do that if you upgraded the game. They did fix it so you can earn up to $1 billion now! I’m not able to earn diamonds though so if someone can
    Post the best way to do this I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Diamond Cheat:
    Play worldops till last energy. Now click on watch video to earn diamond. As the video start goto your home screen by pressing home button. Now open the game by clicking game icon ( not by minimized) you got a diamond and no need to watch full video

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