Diamonds Cheats in Shadow Kings iPhone

Goodgame Studios has brought Shadow Kings to ios and android platforms where you will be assigned to defend your city against orcs, goblins and trolls and raise a mighty army of elves, dwarves and humans.

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Shadow Kings can be categorized into a unique city builder or strategy game, in that this game will put you in a funny fantasy world, where you will be able to form alliances with your fellow human players, collect weapons, build your army and build your city in general, paying attention to the quests when playing a city builder.

To go to war against barbaric opponents, make sure you sharpen your axe, draw your bow as well as building your city into a mighty metropolis one.

When building your city, you must make sure that you protect your people behind thick walls and gather up taxes from them and collect more resources then get your economy rolling.

To beat more enemies at ease, you can battle with them alone or you can join forces with other players in alliances.

At the beginning of the game, it will be better to follow the quests as they will tell you what has to be built and what has to be done in general
Besides, the quests will also guide you on the right path to building and expanding your city.

To supply your city, make sure to build farm so that you can track your food reserves on the top right hand corner of your screen.
If food is running low, just build more farms to avoid losing units due to starvation in that existing farms should also be upgraded in order to increase production rate.

To get more resources and supply, you have to collect taxes on time
In line with this, the game’s tax collection system will get you to set a certain amount of time for the collection of taxes.

Here, you will really require a lot more time for a lot more citizens to earn a lot of gold through taxes
To get this, be sure to reenter the game once the set timeframe is up.
But, if you restart the game after that timeframe, you will progressively lose gold.
Thus, you must return to the game right on time when setting times for tax collection.

As usual, this game will also feature diamonds as the main currency
In order to get them, you must complete some quests and you should win when battling with enemies along the game

On the other side, when waiting for a building to be constructed or upgrades to be completed, you can do multitask so that you can keep your troops busy that you can do by sending them out on a shadow camp raid.

In addition, when starting this game for the first time, you will have a chance to build a Mystic Tower in your city.
Doing this will allow you to hire mystics, and you can ask them to spy on your behalf
Also, you can deploy them, when selecting a shadow camp.

Moreover, having too many mystics out there can increase the accuracy of their spy information.
Strategically, be sure to get everything balanced when doing some quests and collecting some information.


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