Diamonds Cheats in Jolly Jam iPhone

Jolly Jam is a matching puzzle game made by Dreamics where you will be able to match three pieces only
Also, you will be able to match an entire section of the board so that you can beat the evil boss and save all of the Jelly World.

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In order to make the special jellies, you can try to match a certain amount of jellies within one box, so that you can form a leftover special jelly.
Here, matching 5 will get you a Jelly Shot.
When it is matched, Jelly Shots will appropriately shoot out a beam in the direction that will match the design on the jelly itself, destroying anything in the way.

On the other side, when you match 6 of them you can create a Jelly Swirl.
When it is matched, the Jelly Swirl will pull all surrounding jellies towards it and destroy them all.

Plus, if you match 7 or more, you will be able to create the almighty Jelly Storm
When it is matched, the Jelly Storm will launch storm bolts that destroy all corresponding jellies of the same color of the storm jelly.

Throughout the game, make sure to try to finish your objectives as fast as you can
For example, some levels will have jellies trapped in ice.
Iced Jellies cannot be used as corner finishing pieces, so you have to free them.
To solve this, you must include them in a match, and if they are in the same color as your corner pieces, the ice will be damaged a bit.

Some levels will offer a music note requirement.
These music notes will typically spawn at the top of the board, so try to drop them all the way to the bottom of the board.
On the other side, you can utilize the special jellies to clear out a lot of jellies in few moves

Every time you make a move, a monster will eat a jelly adjacent to it as the monsters are color coded just like the jelly is
For such reasons, just include them in a match to defeat them in which some levels gets you to defeat a certain amount of monsters.
On the other side, matching anything will damage the boss a little bit, and you can see his remaining health right below him.
Just try to match big combos for the ultimate strike

Consider to aim for giant groups, so you should always try to gather as many jellies in one match as you can.
Here, you can try to setup big matches by having corner pieces land exactly in the corners so you can match a huge group.

Later on, you can try to use special jellies to get rid of corner monsters since you cannot use them as a corner piece to finish a match and they eat adjacent jellies
Meanwhile, Jelly shots and jelly swirls will do the trick, but try to use the jelly storm, as they will be instantly beaten so as long as you match the right color.

In addition, gems are the main currency of this game
Therefore, in order to get more gems for free in this game, all you will have to do is to connect your Facebook account, and ask your friends for extra lives.
Doing so will earn you 45 gems right off the bat, so that you can purchase some power ups that can help you accomplish on a tough stage.


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