Diamonds Cheats in Iron Desert Android which is the developer of Jungle Heat game has recently launched a kind of strategy game which is called Iron Desert.

iron desert strategy guides

Here, you will have to create your own perfect strategy for an impenetrable base and an amazing attack that will needed throughout the game.

In this game, there is just one area that is at the bottom where your troops can be placed to attack
In line with this, you can try to create your entire base design in such a way that the area is defended.
At this point, you can place your Command Center to the upper part of the base to make it the most difficult building to get to
At the same time, try to place in front of it decoy buildings such as like mines and other structures.
To get the best spot of your strategy, you can try to place your Watchtowers and other defensive towers in such a way that there is a row of buildings between them and incoming troops.
Applying this will have an easier shot at taking out the incoming forces form your rivals.

At the beginning of the game, you should concentrate on the single player missions.
During the single player mission, your resources are low and your troops are not well trained to deal with enemy players or if you can, you will get few resources anyway.
Thus, just focus on the few single player missions for a moment, along with building your base as well.

In the mean time, you can also focus on upgrading the resource buildings first, then the silos and the defensive towers.
When doing so, make sure that you have a stable resources and a high level Command Center before focusing on actually building up your base.
Early on, just get those resources and kickstart your base.

After playing for a while, you can start upgrading your Drill Ground as much as possible.
According to this, you can try to send more troops into battle, so that you will have a big chance of getting your victory.
So build up your Drill Grounds first in order to get access to a ton of troops

After having tough battle, you have to repair the damaged structures on your base.
Pay attention in the Squad Hall, and you can start with the low cost structures.
Then unlock Radar to help with the missions, Laboratory and Hangar.
Later on, as soon as you have the chance, repair the Squad Hall.

Along the game, create your ally, so make sure that as soon as you have the coins for this, you join a squad for the added benefits.

Later on, based on the defensive buildings you have, learn what levels they are
It is caused by when you go to battle against a human opponent, you can easily tell what level their buildings are.
Here, your main objective is to attack the easiest possible targets in order to get the most out of the battles.

To play this game, having a perfect strategy will be them main key, since you are limited to where you can place your troops, but you can try to look for breaches in the defenses.
Try to place your troops in a place where they avoid the range of the towers.
And if you can take out the mines first do not forget to use your artillery wisely, because it can really make the difference in a fight.

Also, make sure to upgrade your artillery which is called Zeus located near the Drill Ground.
Plus, you should keep upgrading for the added bonus of extra energy.


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