Diamonds Cheats in Horse Haven World Adventures iPhone

Ubisoft has come to ios and android along with their newest game called Horse Haven World Adventures where you will be allowed to raise and breed the best horse for high price in form of diamonds, the premium currency of this game

horse haven world adventures walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be allowed to breed a bunch of horses from Standardbred, Quarter horse, Mustang to Appaloosa
Alongside, you can mate your champions with your friends horse to unlock the rarest and best horses ever
To give different look for your horses, you can customize them with stylish saddles and fancy leg wraps

As usual, this game will take diamonds or gems and gold coins as the main currencies
In line with these gold coins, you can collect them from your stables when you see a Coin floating over the stable.
Here, the Icon will pop up when the stable accumulates 50 or more gold coins.

Later on, you will have to level up your horse to make more diamonds
In line with this, you can try to keep fulfilling your horses‘ needs, such as Feed, Muckout, Groom etc.
If you can feed your horses well, they will grow and level up fast.

Sometimes, you may find that the breeding process will be expensive and it takes so long
You will also require more coins to breed some rarer horses.
At this point, if you can wait them they will give you a bunch of diamonds as rewards

On the other side, after getting more stages in this game, you may find that your ranch is full
For such reasons, you will not be able to build any more buildings
To solve this, you can expand your ranch by clearing out the woods, so that you will be able to build more buildings and decorations.

Also, you can try to unlock other ranches in which you will need to keep ranking up so that new ranches will be available for you to unlock.

Because of many items and horses, your storage will quickly be full.
In accordance with this, you will need to get more space that you can do by upgrading your storage house
Doing so will give you more space to hold various resources.

Meanwhile, you can also breed horses from different countries together
To do this, you will need to transfer both horses to the same ranch before breeding them together.

As stated earlier, you will need to get more diamonds
To get them, you must start breeding and raising some rare horses
Perhaps, you may try to do an experiment to raise horses form other countries that will give you high value
As a result, the more you raise some rare horses, the more diamonds you will collect
Moreover, taking part in fun steeplechase races and activities with your rare horse will earn you more rewards either diamonds or gold coins


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