Diamonds Cheats in Greed for Glory War of Rivals iPhone

PerBlue has presented Greed for Glory that is the combination of a brilliant city defense game and building strategy in a colorful medieval fantasy world.

greed for glory war of rivals walkthrough ios android

In this game, you are the commander of a mighty army of knights, elves, wizards, dragons, and other fantasy creatures
As a commander, you will lead them to invade, destroy defenses, and steal resources against thousands of other players or in single player campaigns in epic battles.

During in the battlefield, be sure your troops have at least one star to attack the enemies town
But, if you just realize that your troops are not powerful enough to get 1 star or if you want to get more resources or you just misplace them in wrong spot of the town, you must cancel that attack so that you will not lose all of your troops.

To build up your base, you will really need enough supply for your troops
In order to keep your resources at steady level, be sure to construct and upgrade towers, gold mines, iron quarries, wall mazes, and trebuchets

On the other side, you must also recruit Elves, Knights, Dragons, and other creatures to battle in catastrophic crusades
Besides, you must also employ countless strategies of defensive and offensive tactics so that you can beat your rivals troops

When you want to go for PVP and Missions, you can try to implement this kind of tips in which you must also be careful on your troops positioning.

In your attempt to invade your enemies base, always make sure you have at least 1 alive attacker troop

If you play this game on android device, you can simply hold home button if you do not have multitask button
In the mean time, you can then swipe it away to force stop the game

And, if you play this game on iphone device, you can simply double tap the home button and swipe up the app to force stop the game.

If you have followed that instructions orderly, now open the Greed for Glory: War of Rivals game and you will find all of your troops back in big number as it was.
Always remember that you can only do this twice at a time

On the other side, this game features gold and diamonds or gems as the main currencies that you can get from all missions and tasks
In line with this, you can get them some free gold from some missions and from your gold mine
And, every time you can take over the enemies base, you will be rewarded with diamonds as your achievement

By taking over the enemies base, you will also some resources from them
And, with more resources, you can construct more buildings and expand your territory that you can do by invading more enemies base


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