Diamonds Cheats in Galaxy Fleet Wars iPhone

Galaxy Fleet Wars from zhao xin presents a new strategy of MMOSLG game which allows you to go through some quests from stage to stage, as well as fighting your way through the galaxy and any foes along the game
At the same time, you have to collect resources including Ti Ore, Credit, Crystals and Fuel.

galaxy fleet wars walkthrough ios android

Later on, you can build your own bases, venture for resources, build warships and research technology that will be useful to power up yourself and to conquer other planets in the galaxy.
Throughout the game, you will be served with artistic design of warships, UI, fighting modes and storyline as well

At the beginning of the game, you will start off pretty easy then you will get more difficult as they go for later quests
In line with this, after they are difficult, you will have to work past ones that you initially can not beat.
For such reasons, just go to the last stage that you can beat and play it again and again.
If you can complete this, you will be able to earn more resources
Moreover, you can also increase your experience level as well as the levels of the generals in your crew.

Along the game, make sure to go to your resource areas as often as possible as well as hitting auto-upgrade as often as you can.

Here, you can do up to sixteen auto upgrades at a time
Doing so will not only increase your hourly resource gains rapidly, but you can also increase the maximum resources that you are able to hold.

On the other side, getting new ranks at the base will also increase your hourly gain of all resources, but not the maximum that yo can hold on.

Furthermore, if you can gain more levels, you will have a chance of getting rare equipment that will come up when you refresh the shop.

White equipment is the most common.
And, Blue is the second most common, with green being medium tier.
Meanwhile, orange is the second rarest tier and red is the rarest tier.
Then the same thing rings true for generals as well, so just follow that

Alongside, you can go to the tavern more often to search for rare generals to recruit.
In line with this, if you can find a rarer one, you can spend the money to recruit it, and fire any general that gets in the way of you equipping it.

Anyway, before you let a general go, you can try to take away all of their equipment so that you will be able to reuse it on another general.
Also, try to go back and recruit them again later on whenever you need to.


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